19 Weeks

So time is going by...I am almost 1/2 way there! The baby is getting so big and so am I! Luckily the Dr. said I'm gaining the right amount of weight, not too much! Jared says I can gain weight and not worry about it, I say I eventually will have to lose it so I don't want to gain a ton!
We find out in a couple of weeks boy or girl  I will be almost 22 weeks before we find out! I am trying to not get annoyed by this and just remembering the ultrasound is going to be a great picture!
I am now consistently feeling the baby move throughout the day! I love it! It's not enough for Jared to feel yet but I am excited for him to feel it.
Here is a picture I took at 19 weeks with my pregnancy shirt and jeans, I think they make me look more pregnant than I really am. Oh well...

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