30 Weeks!

Saturday, March 26, 2011 7:25 PM Posted by Heather Kirk
Wow! Only 10 more weeks until we meet our precious Jude.  We are so excited (and a bit nervous)! Last week we had the baby shower at the church and got some amazing gifts.  Also, my family and Jared's family has blessed us with so many wonderful gifts.  Thank you so much! Here are some pictures from the shower.  It was amazing and perfect.  I have such wonderful friends that put it on for me!
I went to the doctor last Monday for my glucose test, all seems well.  Jude's heartbeat is great and he's been moving around a ton! All the time I feel body parts sticking out of me, it's amazing to think he still has 10 weeks to grow with such little space!  
 The cake my friend Kirsten made! She's talented!
 An owl hat from Samantha, she'll be using this for Jude's photo shoots!

 These are the ladies at church that are pregnant (minus 2)! So many babies!
 My beautiful mommy, so glad she was able to come for the shower!
 Cake topper!
 The brown letters were made by Kirsten and will go in Jude's room, so excited to get it done in our new house.
 The song "Hey Jude" with all the baby shower attendees that signed the leaves. 
 Party favors.
 And the wonderful photo board Kirsten made for Jude's room, he's going to have one cool place to sleep.
And here is my belly at 30 weeks! No hiding it now!

2 Response to "30 Weeks!"

  1. Britt Watt Says:

    Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! I love seeing these pictures! Your shower looks amazing. I got a little emotional looking at the pictures because I wanted to be there so badly. I love you and you are such a beautiful pregnant lady!

    ps. Kirsten is insanely incredible

  2. becca Says:

    Brittany, I was feeling the same way looking at the pictures...
    I love everything about this shower! The girls did an amazing job, it's all so cute! Heather, you are simply a gorgeous pregnant person. I love you so much.
    <3- Becca

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